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601MEDIA,LLC is a B2B supplier of Internet based services and products.

Founder of 601MEDIA,LLC Mark Mayo

At 601 Media, we strive to be the one stop shop for creative solutions for all of your digital media needs. From website designs to creating custom videos, from animated 3D logos to social website pages and interactive apps, we can develop the whole package that you need to represent your company. We create clean, contemporary, attractive, informative, powerful and reasonably priced web sites that exceed our clients' expectations. We operate in a professional, ethical and timely manner with a focus on customer satisfaction, fresh design and user-friendly interfaces.


Technology Parterners:

601Media has developed exclusive technology partnerships with a dedicated team of professionals, giving you the clear edge.


A little about the founder:

A life long autodidact, Mark started programming on a Timex Sinclair for the challenge. The keyboard was so small he had to use a pencils eraser to type on the keyboard. He's been working with personal computers since the IBM 8086 when online was a Wildcat BBS connection and zmodem was the hot protocol. In the 80's he bought Real 3D, a couple Commodore Amiga 2000's, a SuperGen genlock, and a DCTV adaptor which had the ability to output 24bit graphics to a NTSC monitor, at that time he fell in love with beautiful graphics. Soon after he bough a DPS PAR, Imagine 3D, and Razor and fell in love all over again with digital video. After Television Production School he moved on to IBM clones for their rendering power and started building very early IBM CCIR 601 4.2.2 10bit digital video editing systems (yes IBM). His passion for video and PC's landed him a job as a systems integrator of Discreet Logic edit* Targa 3000 & Digisuite Video Editing Systems supplying Television studios, post production and special effects houses throughout Florida. Next he bought a DPS Perception, Lightwave 3D, Premiere Pro, After Effects and built a monster dual proc powerhouse. After being told it could not be done he designed an early integrated Video Server / Render Farm that was used in the early days of Magnum Video and then 601MEDIA. After 20 years of supplying video services to small independent video producers, his current focus is on interactive media and delivery. Everything still applies, it's just delivered via the Internet.

Why use 601media,LLC?  What's the Difference?

  1. Attention to details: QUALITY!
  2. You get years of experience.
  3. You can get us on the phone and we listen!
  4. You get a dedicated webmaster.
  5. You get fast accurate reliable website updates.
  6. We use the best premier managed hosting platforms in the industry.
  7. Our work is performed at a reasonable rate.

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