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mobile website design & development::.
Mobile is the fastest growing segment on the web. 1 out of 3 mobile searches are for products and services.

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript::.
Ideally we work with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript foundations to implement the latest technologies available to the web.
No flash required- unless that's exactly what the Doctor ordered. Check out our samples: HTML5 Video Player

print::. logos::. 3d logo animation::.
Let us create a custom art piece for you that will set you apart from your competition. Your customers will know exactly who you are. Our art designs are custom hand drawn. get more info on print media...

Dolphin Spanker Art

Web Site Development & Designwebmaster::. website design::. webdeveloper::.
We provide you with a fresh clean Web Site Design. If needed we can manage the entire process for you- create it, host it, promote it, manage it, and update it!  We also do redesigns for customers who have an existing website and hosting.

We have a decade of experience performing managed hosting, domain name management, website design, CGI Integration, PHP and MySQL database management, media creation, content management, and streaming video.

Custom Facebook Landing Pagessocial media apps::. facebook landing pages::.
If your business is on Facebook, and it should be, adding a custom landing page can have a big impact on your presence there. A custom landing page can help drive web traffic, add value to your online marketing efforts and increase sales. A landing page welcomes your visitor, gives you a place to promote and highlights a call to action.

Custom branded youtube themesocial media::. youtube.com branded themes::.
If your business has a YouTube channel, you need a custom branded YouTube theme to set you apart from the noise. A custom branded theme will set you apart from all the other noise and competition. While helping to drive web traffic you will add another asset to your online marketing efforts and increase sales. Your branded YouTube theme welcomes your visitor's with a familiar brand. Go ahead and click the image on your left and take a closer look at our branded theme.

seo::. seo reports::. seo audit::.
We provide SEO, Search Engine Optimization services for select companies.
I started optimizing in 2003, I'm not going to waste your time here, my results reveal what you can expect. Many results were achieved with only on-page optimization.

All work starts with an SEO Audit to discover your goals, your current positioning, and the positioning for the competition by keyword.

We do not perform link begging. Quality links happen naturally with "GREAT" quality content.

We provide SEO Reports for everyone. Every site owner should have a current SEO Rank Report to monitor and maintain the health of their web site. Don't guess at this one!

We also provide SEO Analysis (Spy) Reports on your competition. Discover exactly who is linking to them, get the value of those links, and discover how they achieved their current Google rankings.

Call us at 910-685-7118 for more details.

Web Site Updates - Maintenancewebmaster::. website updates::.
As your webmaster we pride ourselves on fast & accurate web site updates. We can handle any size updates, and when updates are emailed with instructions, accuracy is guaranteed. You can also trust your images with us; we have over a decade of graphic experience. We also verify all updates once they are transferred to the hosting server.

Website Updates: We are Linux based, we do not support Microsoft Web technologies.

Small business applicationssmall business applications::. RDBMS::. database programming::.
We offer custom built small business applications. Reduce your overhead and the bottlenecks in your daily operations. Moving your data online will assure access at any time of the day and control of your vital information from anywhere.

Paypal E-Commercedatabase::. programming::. scripting::. paypal::.
MySQL Databases and PHP programming are used exclusively by 601Media to assure cost, speed, and reliability are never a problem. We offer custom Paypal Shopping Carts along with input validation for secure forms. All this within a securely connected SSL encrypted connection to assure your customers critical data never strays in front of shifty eyes. Our Servers at 601Media are held to the highest security levels so that you can sleep at night knowing that both you and your customer's information are in good hands.

Flash Development & Designflash::.
We do Flash and high quality Flash Video. Whether you need a simple animation of your logo or your need a rich media element with logic- we can help you achieve your goals. XML is used to access external graphics, text, and video. XML allows you to easily edit your own files associated with your display.
Check out our samples: Flash Youtube Player , Flash Custom Video Player , Flash Photo Gallery

A quick look at our DVD projects, mouseover or click for more details.

View DVD Project 1 details   |   View DVD Project 2 details   |   View DVD Project 3 details

dvd authoring::.
Savvy business owners are using DVD's to promote their businesses. Highlight your business services with its benefits and features. Our DVD Authoring brings a perfect mix of professionalism and fun. Why be boring!
Call us today to get your perfect DVD.

Digital Video Editing - Streaming videovideo editing::. audio::.
Our Post Production Video Editing Suite provides quality Digital Video Editing to prepare your video content for the Internet. We do high quality conversions to streaming, H.264 or MPEG Video. We capture to a 2 Terabyte Raid system and for analog a 10 bit video encoding, CCIR 601 4:2:2 DPS "Perception" Digital Disk Recorder with over 3.5 hours of SCSI Component Video Storage. We currently use a Canon HV40 HD and a JVC KY-19 for acquisition. On the Audio side we use a Mackie mixer and a 96 kHz studio card. For legacy analog video we process tape with a DPS TBC-IV Time Base Corrector.

Click to see a few of our online promotional videos & advertisements we have created for local businesses.

Rich Media - Multimedia DVD-ROMinteractive media::. flash::. dvd authoring::.
Use Interactive Rich Media and Multimedia to interact with your customers and employees. Customers get a rich interactive look at your products using video, audio and graphic animation. If you have an idea, we can finish it for you!
See our additional print services here.

Graphic Designgraphics::. 3d::. 3d logo animation::.
We use Computer Generated Images, known as CGI, to get your customers attention. CGI eyecandy comes in either motion or still graphic form.

View Sample Computer Generated Images

View our 3D Logo Animation samples

print::. logos::. 3d logo animation::.
Quality Print Work, Logo Designs, Branding, and braodcast animation, 3D Logo Animation samples
Aside from the works by Mark Mayo we have partnered with Adam Scheiber, a wonderfully talented local artist. Adam works closely with you to create your brand so that you can stand out in the sea of noise. Adam offers Business Cards, Brochures, Restaurant Menus, Print, all professionally designed. Visit Adam's website @ adamschdesign.com.

Online Advertising
online advertising::.

We have a small network of public news style and educational web sites that we can place links on for you to drive additional visitor traffic to your site. We can also publish articles and photos on just about any subject.

CompTIA A+ Certified Technician

video tutorials::.
Order personalized custom tutorials to quickly get you and your staff up and running with your new web site. Training is delivered in bite size online video segments and can be viewed at any time via the web.

Free Video Training: we also provide a large selection of free video training on many different topics: Visit our Free Video Tutorial Section

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